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Essence Of Change

Summer Seasonal Set - for Energy

Summer Seasonal Set - for Energy

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The Essence of Change Summer Set is a collection crafted to harmonise with the season's energy. Delve into the purposeful influence of three uniquely designed essences – Ice Rose, Magnolia, and Sand.

Embrace the summer as a time for relaxation, clarity, and strategic planning for both your personal and professional aspirations. Let go of confusion, overwhelm, and fatigue, allowing these transformative essences to guide you towards a season of rejuvenation and focused goal-setting. Elevate your experience with essences tailored for tangible results.

The Summer Seasonal Set includes; 
  • 1 x Ice Rose (flower) essence 25mL stock bottle
  • 1 x Magnolia (flower) essence 25mL stock bottle
  • 1 x Sand (gem) essence 25mL stock bottle
Ice Rose Essence - The culmination of your growth and development, your dreams, and your projects. Like the Harvest, it’s a time of abundance and pleasures, rewards for your efforts during the year.
Remember to rehydrate your energy. 

Magnolia Essence - Mid-summer, feeling vulnerable and insecure, and lacking energy, Magnolia needed support. Release your co-dependencies and sensitivities to the outside world. See the world from a new vantage point. Explore and choose freedom and adventure for your Spirit.

Sand Essence - An essence for untangling psychological snarls. Again, the plight of the mid-life crisis or menopause … how do I express my Self now?  A sense of lack pervades, as children they did not feel safe. Suppressed emotions and addictive behaviours. Find your stamina.

  • Each Essence is presented in a 25mL glass amber bottle with a dropper
Ideal for
  • Kinesiologists, Naturopaths, and other natural therapy practitioners for use in your clinic. Prepare blends into dosage bottles for your clients to assist them with their specific needs. 
  • This set is a great choice for individuals who wish to regain their balance and/or support family and friends. Explore the use of vibrational remedies to promote your overall health and wellness, emotional balance, and mental clarity.


Ice Rose flower essence
Magnolia flower essence
Sand gem essence

How to Use

General Use: Add 3-5 drops of Essence into 1/2 a glass of water and consume twice a day or as needed. Practitioner Use: Add 7 drops of Essence to a dosage bottle.

Summer Ritual: add 3 drops Ice Rose + 1 drop Magnolia + 1 drop Sand into 1/2 glass of water


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