What Are Flower & Gem Essences

What Are Flower & Gem Essences

Flower and gem essences have been used for centuries to heal a wide range of problems. Ancient philosophers and teachers like Aristotle and Paracelsus observed that the morning dew collected from flowers had a soothing effect on emotions. They were aware of the changes happening in their environment and the power of nature to adapt.

Change is a natural part of life, and it's essential to learn how to adapt just like all things in nature. Gem essences can provide a sense of stability and a connection to the earth, helping us to cope with the constant influence of our environment.

Dr. Edward Bach, a London Surgeon and researcher, discovered the healing qualities of flowers and plants in solving the mental and emotional stresses of his patients. He developed the Bach Flower Remedies, believing that the person's personality needed to become more positive to overcome a diseased state.

Flower essences are created by placing fresh blooms in pure spring water and then leaving them in the early morning sun. The energy of the sunlight infuses the innate qualities of the flower into the water, capturing the individual healing qualities of each essence.

The Essences of Change emerged in late 1995 as a natural evolution of a need in our time in history. They provide necessary support for people who are in the process of changing aspects of themselves, consciously or subconsciously. The essences represent a specific purpose related to changing times, and they follow the changing seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer, and Autumn.

The Catalysts are the first set of nine essences, designed to get you active and moving again. The Resources come next, helping you find the motivation you need. Once you've found those resources, Challenges may arise. And once you can handle those challenges, Opportunities will open up for you.

In summary, flower and gem essences have a long history of use in natural healing. They capture the individual healing qualities of each flower, and they can help us cope with the constant influence of our environment. The Essences of Change are a natural evolution of our need for support in times of change, and they follow the changing seasons to help us adapt to the ever-changing world around us.

If you're ready to experience the transformative power of Flower and Gem Essences, try them for yourself today and see the positive changes they can bring to your life! 

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