45 Natural Remedies for Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Experience the ancient healing powers of nature with Flower and Gem essences to help you manage your fears, stress and adapt to life's changes. Our vibrationally-infused solutions are made from specially selected flowers and gemstones that carry natural healing properties, designed to calm and relax your mental or emotional states. With the “essential essence” of these plants and flowers, you can restore balance and harmony to your life and truly enjoy it.

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These flower and gem essence blends have been created for personal growth... 

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Essence of Change

Discover how to transform your life with Essence of Change! Our founder, Geraldine, has over 32 years of experience in natural therapies and has become a trusted expert in providing solutions to everyday challenges. With her mastery of The I Ching, Kinesiology, and Neuro-Training, she has empowered countless individuals to reach their full potential. Our workshops, including "Creative Nutrition," "Essence of Change," and "Mastering Flow," have transformed the lives of many and are authored by Geraldine herself. At Essence of Change, we believe in the transformative power of flower and gem essences to bring balance, peace, and happiness. Join us on the journey to a better, happier you.

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Menopause - A Season of Change

Menopause marks a pivotal moment to relinquish old roles and expectations, focusing instead on self-care and self-nurturing....

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  • Customer Testimonial

    I have used‘Travelling’, the jetlag remedy, many times when travelling long distances. I find that when I take them I’m able to adjust to the new time zone more quickly. Also when I return home I’m able to get back into my rhythm and routine more easily than if I don’t take them. I highly recommend them as a natural alternative to help the body adjust to the time difference.
    - Keryn PS. Sydney NSW

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  • Customer Testimonial

    My girls and I have used these essences for years. Whenever they are struggling with homework, having difficulty concentrating, or just feeling overwhelmed, they always ask for drops. Chaos to Calm is perfect for all of us! They also love their individual blends, which are made just for them.‘Happy Drops’ is one of their favourites.

    - Sarah F. New York

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  • Customer Testimonial

    I have used the Essences of Change successfully with clients for four years now and have been privileged to witness some wonderful shifts in my clients. They are a great tool for positive change in all areas of life and are useful for awakening us to inherent resources we have that we may otherwise be unaware of.

    - Joanne M. Sydney NSW, Kinesiologist

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