Seminars & Workshops

Essence of Chang is delighted to offer a variety of seminars to help you understand, master and embrace change. Our seminars include the three-day Essence of Change Seminar, the One Day Change Workshop, the One Day Calming Stress Workshop, and the One Day Mastering Flow Workshop. Each of these seminars is tailored to help you gain a better understanding of change and how to work with it in your life. Whether you need to learn more about the 'Laws of Change' and balancing your Glandular System in the Essence of Change Seminar, or use some powerful self-help techniques in the Calming Stress Workshop, we have something for everyone. Join us and start your journey today!

Seminars & Workshops

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Essence of Change Seminar

This is a 3 day seminar using Kinesiology techniques and it covers some of the most current and important areas that may be influencing you in life right now. Menopause, Mid-Life crisis, Self Image problems and Aging. learn about the ‘Laws of Change’ and how to balance your Glandular System.

Prerequisites: basic muscle monitoring skills.

One Day of Change Workshop

A One Day seminar open to all who want to understand more about change and helping you to use the powerful influence of these essences. No Prerequisites

Calming Stress Workshop

A One Day seminar open to all. Simple yet powerful self help techniques and procedures for you to use at home with yourself, family and friends. No Prerequisites

Mastering Flow

A One Day seminar. There are no Prerequisites. Become aware of the changing patterns in life; like the seasons, careers and family situations. Learn how to work with the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text, which explains how to adapt to change more easily. Use at home with yourself, family and friends.

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