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Essence Of Change

CATALYSTS Box Set - For Motivation

CATALYSTS Box Set - For Motivation

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Introducing the Catalysts - your go-to source for inspiration and motivation throughout the changing seasons.

The changing seasons give us the chance to look at ourselves in a new light.

Each essence in the Catalysts collection is carefully crafted to be a great motivator, stimulating your instinctive values such as hope, inspiration, and perseverance.

Nothing in nature is random; everything follows some sort of pattern. 

Take your guidance from the laws of nature and the paths that each of these Catalysts follows.

The Catalysts Box Set includes these 9 x individual essences:


  • Each Essence is presented in a 25mL glass amber bottle with a dropper
  • The Catalysts essence set comes boxed for easy use and storage

Ideal for

  • Kinesiologists, Naturopaths, and other natural therapy practitioners for use in your clinic. This set gives you the flexibility to prepare customised blends into dosage bottles for your clients tailored to assist them with their specific needs. 
  • This set is a great choice for individuals who wish to regain their balance. Explore the use of vibrational remedies to promote your overall health and wellness, emotional balance, and mental clarity.


How to Use

General Use: Add 3-5 drops of Essence into 1/2 a glass of water and consume twice a day or as needed.

Practitioner Use: Add 7 drops of Essence to a dosage bottle.


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