Menopause - A Change of Season

Menopause - A Change of Season

In Chinese Medicine, there's a term called "Second Spring" that refers to the phase when a woman enters menopause and experiences hormonal changes. While some find this transition relatively smooth, others encounter distressing symptoms such as sleepless nights and hot flushes.

Menopause marks a pivotal moment to relinquish old roles and expectations, focusing instead on self-care and self-nurturing. Often, relationships breakdown or undergo transformations, and children leave home to embark on their own journeys.

I found myself grappling with similar challenges during this period. Through my work in Kinesiology and as I assisted many other women through their menopausal changes, I came to realised that the essences I was creating to help them had become integral to my own journey of self-nurturing.

Who Am I?

During this time, many questions arise:

  • Who am I?
  • What truly brings me joy and satisfaction?
  • What should I focus on to channel my creativity?

Menopause is a time for self-discovery, recognising one's talents, and embracing the array of choices available.

I aspired to leadership, finding fulfilment in creativity beyond mere hobbies, aiming for career success and acknowledgment, and striving to generate income for myself.

Recreating one's identity becomes paramount during this stage of life.

Men Also Experience Changes

In mid-life, men undergo hormonal shifts known as andropause, albeit with different impacts. This phase may entail:

  • Career transitions,
  • Mid-life crises,
  • Financial disruptions,
  • Performance issues, and
  • Identity crises.

Relationships may evolve or fall apart, leaving one feeling fragmented and adrift.

The Mid-Life Man essence blend can help you recognise your self-worth, redefine your identity and explore new options. Feel supported as you embrace adaptability and trust in yourself through career and lifestyle changes.

Self Care is Vital

Prioritising self-care is crucial for all individuals, presenting an opportunity to craft a new identity for this next phase of life.

Being open to novel ideas and diverse opportunities, such as venturing into entrepreneurship, pursuing writing, learning languages, or traveling, opens up a world of possibilities.

Emotional Support with Essence of Change

The concept of the Essences of Change originated from working with my clients in personal consultations years ago, when I found a lack of emotional support options for women during menopause.

Despite there being other sets of essences available, I realised the need for specific emotional and mental support, particularly after addressing issues of stress and trauma through Kinesiology processes.

While existing techniques yielded significant changes for clients, they often required ongoing support, and essences were a gentle yet affective option.

How the Essences of Change Came To Be

The journey of creating the Essences of Change began with the creation of the first two essences—Camellia at the Winter Solstice and Magnolia at the Summer Solstice—spaced six months apart.

From there, the series of essences naturally evolved over time. As the seasons progressed, I began to understand what they wanted to express in helping coping with change.

Subsequently, Amethyst was created at the Autumn Equinox, followed by Pink Fairy Orchid at the Spring Equinox.

Additional essences were naturally revealed: Hydrangea, Strelitzia, Agapanthus, Clivea, and Rutilated Quartz, each offered their unique insights into coping with change.

Thus, the Set of Catalysts was born.

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