Special Blends

Change continues. Change is ever active. Change can be subtle, devastating and deeply profound and how we respond to change is reflected in our ability to adapt to the new situation. Change increases our awareness of our need to recuperate from our experiences in life. 

The BLENDS of CHANGE are exciting blends of flower and gem essences from our current range that will allow you to be more specific about determining those things that you really want in your life.

During the past 5 years we have researched nine combinations of Essences of Change and each blend has been especially designed to create a synergistic influence. These Blends of Change have been created for your convenience and ease of use in today’s busy lifestyle. Providing solutions to many of the common situations that people face today.

Feature Blend – CHAOS to CALM
An amazing formula for when there is a lot disturbance and chaos in your environment. When it is difficult to think clearly or to know what to tackle first. This essence bring calm to your mind and allows your energy to re-establish order around you. A sense of stillness also brings peace. Great for the office or at home.

The Blends of Change cover some of the most current and important areas in which you may be seeking change. Those times when you find yourself resisting change and the reasons you give yourself are based on fear and doubt. Changing your self image can quieten the chatter in your mind and allow the driving force of your values to create some action. Reminding yourself of the excitement of such values as ambition, confidence and adventure.

KICK-START – The great motivator when beginning new projects, or when procrastinating with the current project. Be inspired to take action and continue to pursue your ambitions and dreams.

FOCUS – When you need to focus without distractions. Commit to the task ahead, prepare well and execute with confidence. Ideal for interviews, meetings, exams or simply planning home renovations.

PROSPERITY – Be optimistic for the future and open to new opportunities, increase your cash flow. Action brings certainty and results.

TRAVELLING – Ideal for any travel, whether across the city each day or across the oceans. Arrive and return refreshed, remain calm during delays and overcome jet lag.

Mid-life MAN – See the value in yourself, re-define your identity and explore new options. Adaptability and trust in self, through career and lifestyle changes.

Mid-life WOMAN – Be supported through the change, restore emotional balance and continue to be productive. Menopause.

TEENAGER – Develop your independence, be trusted and avoid being misled by others. Brings teenagers and parents onto the same wave length.

COMMUNICATION – Within yourself, and with others, find clarity of expression. Get your point across confidently, be articulate, fluent and eloquent.

CHAOS to CALM – Survive the chaos in your environment and maintain your composure. Achieve calm, stillness and order. Peace.

Remember, the essence of change is action. Decide what you want in your life and take some action to move towards it. These special blends may be purchased for $23.95 each, plus postage, on our order form page.

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