Discover the uniqueness of the Essences of Change

The Essences of Change are particularly relevant today. As we all endeavour to keep up with the changing times, in business, technology, personal relationships and on our planet, our stress levels are higher than ever before. The Essences of Change allow you to manage change by keeping you calm, focused and in charge of your future.

Managing your stress

Stressful issues that remain unresolved can in time lead to physical symptoms such as pain and fatigue. The Essences of Change can relieve physical tension, emotional stress, fears, mental anxiety and low self-esteem. Ultimately having a positive effect in all areas of your life,
including your career, relationships, health, lifestyle, finances and
future aspirations.

Take back your authority, initiate new strategies, complete projects and enhance your communication skills. You can change what you do, where you work, play and relax.

What are Flower Essences?

The art of imparting the “essential essence” of flowers and plants into a potent remedy was known and used by many ancient cultures. In more recent times, Dr. Edward Bach led the re-discovery of the healing qualities of flowers and plants and their ability to ease fears and anxieties. He is best known for his blend of Rescue Remedy. Today many essences are available to assist with these and other emotional stresses.

Flower essences are created by placing fresh blooms in pure
spring water and then out in the early morning sun. The energy of the
sunlight infuses the innate qualities of the flower into the water. The
quality of the essence is dependent on the timing, the specific flower
and the special need. All elements combined capture the individual
healing qualities within each essence.

Geraldine Gallagher, founder of the Life Energies Centre and the Essences of Change, has over 28 years experience as a Professional Kinesiologist. Geraldine has actively participated in supporting the Australian Kinesiology Association serving as president of the Sydney Kinesiology Association for five years. She is recognised for her contributions to this growing industry.

Geraldine founded the Life Energies Centre in 1987.
Initially a Kinesiology Consultation Clinic and Practitioner Training
Facility, it has now expanded to incorporate her range of flower
essences and gem elixirs – the Essences of Change.

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