hydrangea and wisdomAutumn – time to clear what is no longer needed in your life

As the days get cooler in the Autumn, it’s time to
begin to prune the dead wood, remove the clutter
and those thoughts that are no longer relevant.
A time to conserve your energy for the creative
time that is available later in the stillness
of Winter.

Learn all about the full range of
Essences of Change and Blends…
3 day workshop in Sydney


8, 9, 10 July 2016 

Learn the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, of Shen,
Chi, and Jing, the Guiding Principles of Yin and Yang.
Menopause, and Mid-life crisis. Learn how to balance
hormones, change your self-images, and use foods
and flavours to balance your nutrition…

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The Blends of Change…
innovation, creativity, passion
and drive, the willingness to take
fast action brings great results…


FOCUS – Commit to the task ahead without
distractions, prepare well and execute with

KICK-START – Be inspired to take action,
become self motivating and pursue your ambitions
and dreams.

PROSPERITY – Increase your cash flow.
Be optimistic for the future and your finances.
Be open to all opportunities.

wisdom and maturity
to our community…

There is strength and

Observe Hydrangea and the
gradual changes in colour,
from vibrant blue to deeper
greens and rich purple.

Continue to explore and
revise your outcomes.
Discover the synergistic
effect of
 the Blends of
Change… they become
fast and powerful guides
for you during these
rapidly changing times …

• confusion and doubt
you will benefit
 from Focus,
Chaos to Calm, Kick-Start
and Communication.

• career shifts and loss
seek to redefine your identity
with Mid-Life Man, 
Woman, Teenager and

• fear and anxiety
get support with Chaos to
Calm, Focus, Teenager
and Travelling.

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